The Singer's Commitment 

I believe any progress I’ve made with my singing was due in large part to working with great coaches I trusted and also my commitment to my own improvement. Without taking responsibility for my own growth, I don’t know that I would’ve made any real progress as a singer.

I spoke with a friend recently, an incredible musician and producer, who’s had to work with singers who just aren’t ready to be in the studio. I’m talking inexperienced singers who’ve somehow finagled big studios and big budgets and all the…

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Singing is Life 

Singing isn’t always sexy. Sometimes it’s all we can do to bring ourselves back to life and feel like a human being. Sometimes it’s our way of coming back to ourselves after illness or a traumatic event. Interestingly enough in the vocal coach training course I’m taking we learn that singing is simply a byproduct of what our vocal tract can do. It’s purpose is to maintain our breathing, but for so many of us singers, singing is life. 

This week's guest on the working singer tells her brilliant story of…

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Allow yourself to finish something 

It’s so easy for us to overlook the gifts we already have. The gifts we were born with or the skills we’ve taken the time to develop. It’s the easiest thing in the world to disregard all of our knowledge and experience and feel like imposters for trying to do the things we love. We feel like we don’t know enough yet or there are already a thousand people already doing that thing, so why bother trying. Just know that there are people less qualified than you doing the things you want to do simply because…

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a work in progress 

So much this. This makes me think: 

I haven’t had a perfect person give me advice or show me the ropes or comfort me when I was going through it.

I’ve never stopped a friend from helping me out because they’ve made way too many mistakes. In life.

I’ve never served anyone at a soup kitchen who wouldn’t take the plate from me because I didn’t have all my ducks in a row.

Everyone I know is going through something hard. Everyone I know has made big mistakes in life. I can learn a lesson from everyone I know. 

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Just do it afraid. 

The key is to just get started. I think we want to begin at the end. Skip the first draft and the honing, and the possibility that we’ll release something into the world that’s less than perfect.


Some of the best advice I’ve gotten all year is to just make the messy version. Don’t be afraid to make something mediocre. We don’t begin at greatness. We don’t start out perfect and we’ll never arrive there anyway.


Something I’ve said lately is that I haven’t interviewed a single perfect person. No one has…

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"the endless light running wild within you" 

I went to two different music workshops last week. A couple of attendees at each event got up and spoke about sometimes feeling too old to pursue their artistry.

I get it. As if every decision you make about what you should be doing with the rest of your life should be made by the time you’re eighteen years old. As if we should turn thirty, be placed on a raft, and then set out to sea. That’s insane to me.

I flat out reject the idea that you can EVER be too old to be creative or pursue your craft. I have a…

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The Snooze Button 

How come it’s so hard to let go of what we know isn’t working for us? Why is change so hard even when we’re miserable?


I suspect it’s because we’re such creatures of habit. Sometimes even if the friendship, the job, the marriage leaves us feeling depleted we still have a hard time letting go of it. It’s familiar. Sometimes it can take years to gain fresh perspective. But what if it doesn’t have to take that long?


What if we can make that shift right now? Take massive action & make that transformation in…

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Find out who you are and do it on purpose. 

Find out who you are and do it on purpose. 

So much this. All day long. 

Who told you that being you wasn’t good enough? Who told you you’re simply not enough? We’ve got so many tapes running through our heads, which are our thoughts, that become beliefs, which become actions. 

I’ve spoken with so many singers who stopped singing for a decade or two. The people in their lives didn’t get it, told them their dreams were silly, told them they were too old. And you know what? Those people were wrong. 

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I thought a bomb went off. 

I was pretty terrified to start this podcast. When I pressed the publish button I was positive I heard a bomb go off. 

I’m so glad that I did push that button. I didn’t do any damage, but I made some big personal changes and I appreciate being able to connect with all of you every day. 

Thanks so much for listening and for the reviews! This really does help more singers to find the podcast and ultimately get the support they need. Here’s to building community! 

Catch the latest episode with the super sharp…

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Let it be easy. 

I read somewhere that shyness is another mechanism we use to protect ourselves. Maybe we’ve been hurt, maybe we fear challenge, maybe we play small because we fear change. Whatever our reasons might be, we meet the world with our guard firmly in place. 

What’s really going to happen if we remove the guards and lead with vulnerability? I think our openness is what others ultimately connect with.

I just found out that an audience member at a show I was in a few months ago recently took her own life. 

I tried…

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Love Songs from the Couch

Join Jamila for her "Love Songs from the Couch" Valentine's Day show on Facebook Live on Saturday 2/13 @ 1:00pm and Sunday 2/14 @ 5:30pm.


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