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I went to two different music workshops last week. A couple of attendees at each event got up and spoke about sometimes feeling too old to pursue their artistry.

I get it. As if every decision you make about what you should be doing with the rest of your life should be made by the time you’re eighteen years old. As if we should turn thirty, be placed on a raft, and then set out to sea. That’s insane to me.

I flat out reject the idea that you can EVER be too old to be creative or pursue your craft. I have a mom who, as a retired teacher, is more creative than I’ve ever seen her.

She’s making quilts, crocheting blankets, learning to knit, learning to paint with watercolors and oils, writing her memoirs, and has even written a few children’s books. She tutors and has even managed a few political campaigns. When she learns something new, she wants to pass it along and teach it to others. My mom is a person who still has a lot to give and does her best to create value in the world.

If I’ve learned anything from her, it’s that you’re never too old to pursue your creativity. Anyone, who would tell you otherwise probably hasn’t lived with a great deal of courage themselves (and should probably be avoided).

I think a lot about Anna Mary Robertson Moses aka “Grandma Moses” who in the last 30 years of her life developed a full time painting career, wrote her autobiography, and was involved in a documentary about her life. She died at 101 years old. Do that math!

In episode 3 of my podcast, Kitten Kuroi and I talk about how denying yourself the opportunity to do what you love will age you. Please give that and other episodes a listen. Not a single one of my guests had it all figured out by the age of 18.

Know that your value, worth and creativity aren’t age dependent. This is simply a limiting belief. There is always a place for you to be your most authentic self and to pursue your art.

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