Custom Vocals & Songwriting


Fill out the form below, and I'll respond by email!

Once we've worked out the details of your project, I'll give you a quote for the project and I'll send you a link to officially book me!

I will record one verse and one chorus and send it to you to ensure we're on the same page. Once this initial recording is approved, I will then send you the complete song recorded with leads, background vocals, and ad libs in an mp3 rough mix for your approval. I’ll do one last round of revisions for free if needed, 

Once finalized I will send three lead vocals (two for editing and doubling), background vocals and ad libs, all stems as 24bit 48k wav files dry/raw, completely tuned and edited (unless otherwise requested).

TERMS HIGHLIGHTS (See full terms below): 

  • 1 free revision round (small changes like fixing notes or words here and there).
  • Turn around times are 2 days to one week
  • The songwriting price is a vocal fee and does not void my intellectual property rights unless we agree to a buyout. 
  • 50/50 royalty split if I write the topline and you write the instrumental.
  • All communication is done via email.
  • You may NOT use my name an likeness to promote your release.


I use a Pearlman TM1 microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Interface 2i4, Studio One 6, Vocalign and Melodyne, as well as other industry standard plugins.


  • Backing track for your song
  • Guide Melody (with all notes played or sung clearly)
  • Lyrics
  • Song BPM
  • Song key
  • Any reference tracks and any other details you’d like me to keep in mind
  • Sample and bitrate you need me to record in and format you'd like me to send your stems


  • Please note revisions are defined as re-singing a word with a pitchy note or singing a single line with more breathiness. Re-recording the complete song for any reason is subject to an additional fee.
  • Revisions requested once the project is marked complete are subject to a $50 per revision fee.
  • Please note: My artist name and likeness may NOT be used.


For songs that you wrote both the lyric and vocal main melody for, Jamila is considered a work made for hire and you will keep 100% of any revenues generated from the song. Jamila will claim no right to revenue from songs she did not write beyond the demo fee agreed upon prior to recording.

For songs that Jamila takes part in writing, Jamila retains the right to collect the appropriate percentage of royalties, sync fees, or other revenues earned based on her contribution to the song. For clarity, the price paid by you to Jamila is considered a “vocal fee” and does not void her rights to copyright, masters, writers share, or publishing on songs she was a writer on. Typically, when she writes the full song lyric and vocal melody, this is considered 50% (remaining 50% to the writer of the instrumental). A chorus only is considered 25%. Buy outs of rights are available on a case by case basis. If you register the custom songwriting song with a PRO, you must include Jamila's PRO info as a collaborator, which is the following:

BMI - Jamila Anne Ford - IPI# 352208783

BMI - Loveproof Music Publishing - IPI# 504218394


Once the recording process has begun, there are no refunds. For custom vocals, refunds are only available prior to the work being started if you need to change your mind. We understand that music is subjective and if you are not satisfied with the song you may want a refund, but unfortunately the resources and effort that go into these songs is time consuming. Please see the revisions policy or speak with Jamila if you need further assistance.

Please message me with the form above and let's chat about your song!