Finding yourself.

Through all of these interviews I’m realizing more and more how there is no blueprint for having a creative career. 

So many singers I’ve spoken with stopped singing sometimes for a decade because their spouse said they’d never make it,…

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Have you been in this mood on stage?

I know I have. I’ve had a few gigs that were so rough I really had to contemplate my life choices. It’s not the best emotional space to be in and not… Read more

Getting out of our own way.

So many of us shoot ourselves in the foot by not doing this. I’ve been there. Maybe I didn’t follow up on that lead because that person seemed kind of full of it and I didn’t think it was gonna…

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What sparks a light in you?

I’ve been having such great conversations with other singers lately. Why and how we sing. When we started or restarted. Who encouraged us and who didn’t. 

Singing is the soul’s expression. The act of singing does ignite something within us…

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Respect is just a minimum.

I’d been thinking over the past few weeks about what can derail the career of a young singer.

What are the things that need to happen in a career? What are things that have no place in that development? What…

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The only thing better than singing is more singing.

Ten seems to be the magic number of years some singers I've interviewed go silent and simply stop singing. Ten years of a beautiful gift stifled and unacknowledged. Why?

Maybe their parents weren’t supportive, their spouse told them they’d never…

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Everybody, Meet Liscia D.!

Everybody, meet Liscia D.!



Liscia is going to host me for a donation based house concert in San Diego, Saturday, August 15! It’s going to be a fun, exciting show!

Liscia has been a good friend of mine and Dwight…

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Meet Notorious! I've been singing back up for this tribute to the music of Duran Duran. When I first joined I didn't think I knew much about their music and I was surprised I recognized many of their songs! It's…

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First House Concert of the Season!

I am happy to report a fun time was had by all at the first house concert of the season on May 2nd! :) Fan extraordinaire Trish G. hosted my acoustic show for 25+ of her friends and family at…

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Everybody, Meet Trish!


Everyone! Say hello to Trish G.! She lives in the OC and is going to be hosting my first house concert of the season on May 2nd! We’re all very excited!  I promise to stop ending every sentence…

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Honestly, It Could've Been Worse...


In early February of this year, while I was returning home from a late night rehearsal, a woman ran a red light and hit my car on the driver's side. As I was exiting the 101 freeway, I saw her…

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